Saturday, March 28, 2015

Catch As Catch Can

There have been too many times to count during this winter here in the Northeast when the weather was so bad that it felt as if Spring might never arrive.  Today is March's final Saturday.  Snow is in the forecast for at least some parts of the State of Concrete Gardens.   "March:  In Like a Lion, Out on a Snowmobile"?  

This time next month my running partner Gidg and I will be doing our final preparations for the New Jersey Marathon.  For me, my "eve of" ritual consists of banging my head repeatedly against a wall, sobbing softly while repeating "Why? Why? Why?"  Her pre-Marathon ritual is something akin to figuring out the right playlist for her iPod.  

She received very cool news earlier this week.  After not being drawn in the New York City Marathon lottery, her name was picked for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon.  October 25, 2015, Gidg will join a whole lot of other runners in what is often referred to as "the People's Marathon".  Great race.  I am very happy for her that she is going to be part of it.  I wish only that our lottery luck had been synchronized so that the first-ever Fall marathons for each of us would have been the same race.   Next year, perhaps.  

A truly awful story dominated the news cycle for a lot of this week.  Truth be told, it was an awful story before it was revealed that it was the result of a deliberate act.  Learning that it happened because someone made it happen ratcheted up the "AWFUL" meter a notch or two.  

Apparently, and something that candidly in my mind's eye brought back images of United 93 on September 11, 2001, Captain Patrick Sonderheimer valiantly tried to gain access to the cockpit including using an on-board ax in an effort to break through the reinforced door.   In the words of Ambrose Redmoon, "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."  



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