Wednesday, March 4, 2015

By George I Think I've Got It...

Thus far, in the wee small hours of the month of March, the new month has been doing a depressingly-good imitation of its predecessor.  It is as if rather than a Leap Year with one additional February day, 2015 is a Hop, Skip and Jump Year with a seemingly endless supply of February-plus days.  Knowing the end to this weather will arrive at some point is the only thing that makes it somewhat tolerable.  Somewhat. 

Nine and one-half weeks into my training for the 2015 New Jersey Marathon, which shall take place on Sunday, April 26, I have remained good to my goal of running each and every training run at an 8:00 or less per mile pace.  This past Sunday, I logged sixteen miles in 2:04:41.  Again, no one shall be hanging a winner's medal around my neck for completing a race at that pace but it was an achievement that made me happy.  Especially so because I woke up Sunday morning plagued by a headache that eight Advil could not shake.  My head was throbbing quite enthusiastically before I started and it was still doing so with much vigor two-plus hours later.  Was my run fun?  No.  Was it satisfying?  Yes.  Yes it was. 

For the past few years, I have had a George S. Patton quote taped to my desk at work.  Although I look at it every day I do not think I have fully believed in it - in the context of preparing to run a marathon - until this year.  

I remain one hell of a long way from Race Day.  Much can happen between this day and that day.  It remains however a wholly winnable battle.  Talking about it will not do it however.  It will be won at the point of intersection between the rubber soles of my Brooks running shoes and 26.2 miles of Monmouth County pavement. And it will be won on every step and with every step until there are no more steps to take.   


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