Saturday, March 21, 2015

As It Is With All Good Things...

The hopefully-annual Caribbean adventure ends today.  By mid-afternoon we shall be home.  Tonight the Missus and I shall sleep in our own bed.  Vacation, always a good thing, has run its course. 

Having spent the past week doing nary anything other than (a) running on the beach; and (b) sitting on the beach reading a book, I have filled my reservoir of patience, needed for dealing with all things inane and idiotic, to its brim.  

If history is any guide, it shall remain filled until Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning at the latest.  Such is life.  As the indomitable Joanie K., long-suffering fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers, grew up saying, "Wait 'til next year." 

There are indeed worse things for which to wait. 


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