Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Man of Malamud

Without heroes we are all plain people
And don't know how far we can go. 
- Bernard Malamud

Deputy United States Marshal
Josie Wells (End of Watch: 03/10/15)

If your family is - as mine is - a law enforcement family, then you are keenly aware of the fact that no day at work is guaranteed to be a "routine" day.  It is a thought that is never out of your mind.  You stamp down hard on it on a daily basis, however, so that it neither overwhelms you nor inhibits you in your support of the member of your family who places himself or herself in harm's way each and every day.  

On Tuesday, near a motel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Deputy United States Marshal Josie Wells died.  DUSM Wells was murdered by a fugitive upon whom an arrest warrant was attempting to be served.  The piece of human excrement upon whom DUSM Wells, a member of the USMS Fugitive Task Force, was attempting to serve the warrant is Jamie D. Croom.  The warrant for Mr. Croom's arrest charged him with double homicide.  He is suspected of murdering two people - a brother and a sister - on February 18.  

According to a statement the USMS released, DUSM Wells joined the Marshals Service, this nation's oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency, in 2011.  When he died in the line of duty on Tuesday, DUSM Wells was a very, very young man.  In some published reports, his age was listed at twenty-seven while in other reports he was identified as having been twenty-eight years old.  Either way, he is far too young to have no more birthdays to celebrate.  

Keep a good thought for DUSM Wells, for his family and for his brother and sisters-in-arms who shall awaken today mourning his death while remaining committed to performing the task that each of them has taken an oath to perform.   Theirs is not an easy job on any given day.  It is doubly difficult on a day such as this one.  Go on they must.  Go on they shall.  And each and every one of us is better and safer for it.


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