Monday, February 16, 2015

While Abe Was Sleeping

If you are among those of us who is not at work today due to the Federal holiday-equivalent of the participation medal, then I hope you enjoy your Presidents' Day.  If you happen to live - as my brother and his branch of the family do - in Connecticut then you have my most sincere empathy for all of the snow you have endured thus far this winter.  I doubt highly that it is any solace to you at all - as you dig out from yet another storm - that March is less than two weeks away.  I hope it is but if it is not at this point in the season, I understand completely. 

Today is a day that friends, relatives and/or descendants of any person who has held the office of President of the United States can delude himself or herself into believing is a day designed to honor their friend or loved one.  It is not of course but since we the people of these United States cannot function without having every former stand-alone holiday converted into a three-day-weekend on which we can buy automobiles, shop for mattresses, and snowboard there is nothing save for an innate sense of self-respect that serves to deter the descendants of Ulysses S. Grant, Warren Harding or Herbert Hoover into acting as if even a small portion of today belongs to their ancestor.  

And you know what?  There is not a damn thing wrong with them thinking whatever they would like to think about it.  The Republic survived the Civil War in significant part due to the battlefield exploits of General Ulysses S. Grant.  And the Republic survived the train wreck that was his post-Civil War presidency.  Ditto for Messrs. Harding and Hoover and each and every ordinary (or worse) occupant of the big white residential property with the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue mailing address.  

All hail mediocrity!  If you made it to the top of the heap, whether you barely lived long enough to complete the swearing-in or never received a single vote - NOT ONE - for the office, then this day off is for you, from you and because of you.  The people who work at the Firm thank you.  My secretary Lucia thanks you.  

And, because you shall winnow the herd down to a few hearty souls by the time my evening commute rolls around, I thank you too. 


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