Sunday, February 8, 2015

There's New Grass On The Field

By this time two Sundays from now, pitchers and catchers for every Major League Baseball team - with the exception of those disagreeable Canadians from Toronto, will have reported to Arizona and Florida for Spring Training 2015.  Battery components for the Blue Jays have no listed "report date" but are scheduled to have their first workout on February 23.  I suspect that the one day difference might have something to do with conversion rates.  Perhaps the 22nd in American is equivalent to the 23rd in Canadian?  Should the Rangers play any Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs this year, the "date conversion rate" is something to which I shall have to pay at least a modicum of attention. 

While I suspect that it is going to be another long, ultimately unproductive season for the Bronx's best Apostles, with the retirement of Peter and the return of Judas, I am nevertheless happy about the fact that its commencement is almost upon us.  Not because I have any interest in exhibition baseball.  I do not.  As a general rule, games for which the results do not count, occupy zero percent of my attention.  I do have interest in what they represent however:  Truck Day is in the rear-view mirror. Opening Day is dead ahead.  

A reminder that while various species of birds fly south, the flight habits of all should not serve as a confirmation that winter is upon us.  The southern migration of certain birds, such as Orioles, Cardinals and, eventually, Blue Jays, serves as confirmation that winter is gathering up its belongings and preparing for its exit.  And Spring?  Spring will soon be here...

...and not a moment too soon. 


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