Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Wisdom of Youth

True confession:  Until my friend Dave Lackland posted a link to this young man's story on Facebook this past weekend, I not only was entirely unfamiliar with the story but with the young man as well.  Now, after having had the chance to learn a very little bit about him, I find myself rooting very hard for him to succeed. 

I was twenty-one quite a long time ago.  Admittedly, the combination of time's passage and the number of "foreign substances" I ingested in my early twenties makes a great deal of that era of my life a little fuzzy.  I can say with certainty however that at twenty-one years of age I not only did not possess the fastball of Daniel Norris (he is ranked as the #3 left-handed pitching prospect in baseball), I did not possess his wherewithal either.  

Lest you think this is some type of publicity stunt, it is not.  Norris, drafted out of Johnson City High School in Tennessee in 2011, made but one purchase of any appreciable significance with the $2 Million signing bonus the Toronto Blue Jays paid him:  "Shaggy", his 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia micro-bus.  It has been his off-season home for the past several years - long before it caught anyone's attention.  

His advice for anyone pursuing a dream?  "Follow your heart, kid."  Regardless of how you earn your living or where you park your home at night that is quite excellent advice.  Quite excellent indeed.  


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