Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the Words of Jimmy Page...

"Too good not to share...!"

Judging by this 6:13 performance, I would say that these children have acquired an impressive level of proficiency.  This is not only a performance worth watching, but it is worth watching more than one time, if for no other reason than so that you can focus your eye on different members of the ensemble.  I have a number of favorites - including the tandem in the front row, the little boy in the black sweatshirt in the third row who throws in the occasional head bob, and the four girls in the back (all of whom appear to be playing an instrument other than the xylophone - at least to my incredibly untrained eye).  

My favorite member of this ensemble is the little girl in the aqua/turquoise-colored sweatshirt who is a one of the three-player drum crew.  The little boy manning the kit in front of her is excellent as well (as is the third member of their troika) but she is simply terrific.  

As someone who has as little talent for music as, sadly, I do for essentially everything else, I find the performance of this talented group of children therapeutic.  I cannot help but smile watching them combine talent and enthusiasm to create something that appears to bring them a great deal of joy.  

It turns out that it brings a great deal of joy to others as well, including those of us whose child-like enthusiasms abandoned us a long, long time ago.   Terrific stuff.  Simply terrific.


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