Friday, February 27, 2015

At the Point of Intersection Between Impotence and Anger

Sometimes No Truth is More Powerful Than
One Expressed in Anger by a Melancholy Man. 
- Pete Hamill

There is no feeling that makes me angrier than that of being powerless.   The feeling, grounded in fact and in knowledge, that irrespective of whatever I might do, whatever bribe I might offer to pay, whatever God I might curse, whatever deal I might make with Satan himself, am impotent to prevent events from continuing on their pre-determined course. 

At this moment, the tip of the spear (Sister edition) of the Kenny siblings - Evan - and the love of her life - my brother-in-law Glenn (whom she refers to affectionately as "MWH") are neck deep in a battle against the insidious, invasive piece of shit disease that is cancer.  It is a battle that they neither sought out nor deserve.  They have been engaged by an enemy whose only satisfaction will come from cutting a swath of pain and sorrow through their home.  

Cancer, I fucking hate you.  Leave Evan and Glenn alone, you prick.   


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