Thursday, February 26, 2015

And Then There Were Two...

Months that is.

The 2015 New Jersey Marathon shall be run on April 26, which coincidentally is also the birthday of my oldest sibling, Bill.  While I am feeling pretty good thus far a bit more than halfway through my training, I will hedge my bet and make sure to mail my birthday card to him a couple of days ahead.  Just in case.  The legendary Frank Gonzales taught me (and countless others) - a bit more than a lifetime ago - of the importance of living life by "The Five Ps":  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  It was great advice then and it remains so today. 

As noted above, I am slightly more than halfway through my training program (3/4 of the way through Week Eight of a Sixteen-Week program) and thus far all systems are go.  I am continuing to push my mind to push my body into - and through - levels of discomfort that I hope will better prepare it - and me - for the discomfort that I shall undoubtedly experience during the race.  The goal is to condition myself to accept the discomfort and to, therefore, respond to it accordingly.  I cannot avoid it.  I intend merely to be able to manage it.  

All has gone well thus far.  Things shall really begin to get interesting this Sunday.  I shall kick off Week Nine with a sixteen-mile run.  From this Sunday through Sunday, April 5, my weekly Sunday long runs are of the following distances:  16, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 20.  Completion of the designated distance shall not be my principal focus.  Rather, my focus shall be on completion of it in miles completed at not more than an eight-minute pace.  

Two months to go.  Many miles still to run.  Discomfort management is - and remains - the order of the day.


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