Monday, January 19, 2015

Woulda Coulda Gouda

Week Three of marathon training kicked off yesterday with little to no cooperation from that fickle bitch, Mother Nature.  I am on a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday running schedule and - given my work commitments - the weekday/weeknight runs are in what I affectionately refer to as "the dungeon", which is our basement - and on the treadmill.  Miles on the treadmill during the week really make me look forward to Sunday and the opportunity to run in the great outdoors.  

Except three Sundays deep into my sixteen-week program I have yet to spend a Sunday outdoors.  Yesterday, Mother Nature decided that the State of Concrete Gardens needed to be inundated by freezing rain, which not only kept me from running seven miles outdoors, but nearly resulted in Rosie and I sliding all the way across the patio and into the back fence.  If I had managed to land that Triple Axel we might very well have earned a medal.  

I find myself already wishing really, really hard for good weather this coming Sunday.  I am not entirely sure that I can withstand the boredom associated with running eight miles on the treadmill - and eight miles is on the menu on Sunday...

...which means if rain is in the forecast for Sunday, a big block of cheese might have to be in the shopping cart on Saturday.


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