Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Tick-Tock People & The Inescapable Psi Of Boredom

I have stayed in the toy department my entire career 
because sports is a barometer of our society,
not a respite from it. 
- Jerry Izenberg 

We the people of these United States are - far too often for our own health and well-being - something akin to cats obsessed with a laser pointer with our attraction to whatever is bright and shiny and, by extension, our inability to prevent it from distracting us from the more important issues of the day.   At the risk of punching your ADD squarely in the face, among the things that might have sashayed right on by you while you were concerning yourself about PSI and other fraternities, was this minor piece of business.  

Only in America could a story about under-inflated footballs and their effect upon the outcome in which one team defeated the other by thirty-eight points be the #1 topic of conversation.  Had the pundits and the talking heads simply consulted George Costanza - THE acknowledged expert on the subject of the effects of cold and wetness on ball size - this entire inane debate would have been disposed of in a matter of minutes.

Then again, given that the Super Bowl is going to be played next Sunday evening in Glendale, Arizona, which is an area well-known for its bitter cold temperatures and its perpetual rainfall (scratch here for the inescapable whiff of sarcasm), and it is going to be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium (because every on-line university needs its own 72,200 seat football stadium), which has a retractable roof, how much concern is there exactly that weather conditions (a/k/a "Conditions that Cause the Patriots' Balls to Shrivel") shall be a factor?  


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