Friday, January 30, 2015

The Thirty Thirty Club

If you know my daughter Suzanne, then you are likely not surprised that she has planned out her life with appropriate precision to ensure that today, the day on which she turns thirty, would be a Friday.  Happiness is having an entire weekend to set aside for the business of celebrating a special occasion.

She is a remarkable woman.  That is also not particularly surprising.  She is - in every hyper-prepared (and occasionally neurotic) inch - her mother's daughter.  She is - as importantly - blessed with the best of all possible combinations:  A superior intellect (she is what I refer to as "scary smart") that is wedded to an insatiable drive to work, to learn, to do more and to better herself and her life.  

Last January she celebrated her first birthday as "Mrs. Suzanne Aldrich".  In the twelve months since, she and Ryan migrated back to the State of Concrete Gardens.  Today, she celebrates her first birthday as a homeowner.  While I tend to lose track of such things, it seems to me that it was only sixty-plus days ago that M/M Aldrich moved into their home (I emphasize the pronoun because it is theirs and they have earned it).  Since the day they moved in, they have been painting and sprucing and updating as necessary to ensure that this special place - the place in which their life shall take its next steps and the place in which their family shall grow and prosper - is all that they want it to be and all that they need it to be.  What they have done thus far - adhering faithfully to the concept of "One Canoe, Two Paddles" - has been nothing short of remarkable. 

She is a force of nature, Suzanne.  It is one of the great undeserved bits of good fortune that serve as highway markers on my life's journey that at the time I fell in love with Margaret - a lifetime ago - Suzanne and Rob were part of the package.  Each was an extraordinary child and each has grown into a simply extraordinary adult.  Had I truly done much more than driven the car when we needed to be someplace and worked the necessary number of hours to ensure that the bills got paid, then I would risk dislocating my shoulder patting myself on the back.  I did not.  Therefore, I shall not.  

It has been my great pleasure and privilege to have been present and to have borne witness to Suzanne's journey.  A journey that on this very day has completed its thirtieth lap around the Sun. 

From where I sit, I get the feeling that she is just getting warmed up.  And the second act is absolutely going to be something to see. 

Happy Birthday Honey.  Keep wishing big...  


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