Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Swoosh, There It Is!

Happy First Wednesday of the New Year!  

Not quite an occurrence worthy of an exclamation point, is it?  If you think that today is uninspiring then just wait until tomorrow morning when the the alarm clock rings.  For a considerable number of us, tomorrow will be the first Thursday in three weeks for which we have had to get up for work.   Ought to make for a lot of happy faces around the coffee machine in the office kitchen.  

2015 is already seven days old and yet we still have to wait another five days for the last game of the 2014 college football season.  Between August 30 and December 5, which is a span of ninety-seven days, the University of Oregon Ducks played thirteen games - including the Pac-12 Championship Game.  In the ninety-eight day period (a period of time whose friends sometimes refer to it as fourteen weeks) from August 30 to December 6, the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University played thirteen games as well, which included the Big Ten Conference Championship Game.

To the extent that I have a rooting interest in Monday night's game, my allegiance lies with the Quack Attack for three reasons.  First - and most importantly - the University of Oregon and the University of Colorado have been linked to one another since at least 1984, which is when doctors at the U of O Medical Center saved the life of Buffs tight end Ed Reinhardt after he was injured during that year's game.  Second, the Ducks' Head Coach, Mark Helfrich, was not-too-terribly long ago an assistant at the University of Colorado.  Coach Helfrich is, by all accounts, a good coach and a better man.  Third - and least important - the Ducks and the Buffs are both members of the Pac-12 Conference.

In the not-quite-seven weeks between their respective Conference Championship games and the National Championship Game, which shall mercifully be played (finally) on Monday night in Texas, the teams will play a total of two games.   Perhaps the reason for the gap in time between games was to allow the players on both teams the chance to keep up with their academic commitments. I am constrained to point out that in the same period of time, the Oregon Basketball Team will have played nine games and The Ohio State Buckeyes will have played eleven games, presumably while, themselves, attending at least the occasional class. 

Nope, it is most assuredly not academic-related issues that are the cause for the absurd way in which the final acts of the college football season are dragged out.  It is far more likely that it was to afford Nike sufficient time to mass-produce the brand new uniforms it has designed for both teams for Monday night's game.   

Ain't no grab like a money grab, right?  Especially when the one principally responsible for grabbing it is the one who is the biggest benefactor of one of the two universities competing on Monday night.  

Or should I say Monday Knight...

University of Oregon:  Where Not All Ducks Are
Necessarily Birds of a Feather...


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