Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On The Long Road to Orgasmia

'Tis time for my annual screech - no not this Screech - against the National Basketball Association for "honoring" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by requiring a significant number of its players (twenty-four teams' worth to be exact), a sizable percentage of whom are African-American, to play basketball on the Federal holiday paying homage to his life and to his legacy.  Twelve NBA games were played yesterday, including one in Atlanta and one in Memphis.   

In case you missed it on Sunday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers came very close to winning their Conference Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks.  Thereafter, on Sunday evening the Indianapolis Colts came not at all close to winning their Conference Championship game against the New England Patriots.  After the Patriots-Colts game, the Internet was aghast with allegations of New England having deflated their footballs to give them some sort of tactical advantage.  Indy would have been better off exiting New England in a manner akin to have they exited Baltimore all those years ago - under the cover of darkness and with their mouths firmly shut.  

Deflated balls were not the Colts' undoing on Sunday night.  Instead, having theirs kicked up through the roofs of their mouths were.  For crying out loud Indianapolis, Nate Solder - an offensive tackle and a CU Buffalo - caught a touchdown pass for New England.  And to add insult to injury, it was one of those "flip the ball three yards to the receiver and let him run with it" plays, which Solder did - scoring after catching the ball at the 13 yard line.  Solder, all 300+ pounds of him, caught more TD passes on Sunday than did the Colts' receiving corps combined.  

We the people of these United States will now spend two weeks resting up and gearing up for our favorite mid-winter holiday:  Super Bowl Sunday.  The hype, the six-and-one-half hour pre-game show, the commercials and the chance to be assaulted by Katy Perry at halftime.  Only in America.  Ms. Perry recently announced that Lenny Kravitz is going to be appearing with her.  I hope that none of the suits at NBC remember that once upon a lifetime ago Mr. Kravitz was married to the actress Lisa Bonet.  Ms. Bonet portrayed Denise Huxtable on the Cosby Show.  Hopefully that connection to former NBC money-maker Bill Cosby is tenuous enough that NBC shall not pull the plug on Kravitz's performance.  Actually, I could not - if my life depended upon doing so - name three songs that Mr. Kravitz has recorded but I presume that any time he spends on stage making noise cuts into whatever time has been allotted for Ms. Perry to do so, which makes him among the most important persons in Glendale, Arizona on February's first Sunday.   

While I have no rooting interest in the game, I shall watch it - at least until my bed time which I figure will be either at halftime or the very early stages of the second half.  I am the proud owner of one $100 box in a Super Bowl Pool.  I assure you that with every fiber of my mercenary heart I shall be cheering enthusiastically for one thing - and one thing - only, which is my numbers.    

Well maybe I shall root for two things.  My numbers to come up and and Margaret to neither read this nor to find out about my "investment" through other means.  In my experience, once that occurs there truly is no "MY" in "MONEY".  


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