Saturday, January 31, 2015

No More Words to Write...

There are no more words to write.
The Hero is now gone. 
We must pull together, 
Stand and fight.
We must carry on...

On Thursday afternoon, in a room at Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado, Kyle MacIntosh died. He was twenty-three years young.  At the moment his life ended he was in the company of those who he loved the most and those who loved him most of all.

Athletic Director Rick George's Tweet Honoring K-Mac

Cancer fucking stinks.  It is an equal-opportunity killer.  It pursues all of us with fervor and demonic zeal...even those of us who should be safe from it.  Those of us who are twenty-something athletes who take spectacularly good care of ourselves.  It is an infuriatingly insidious disease.  

Any one of us who is a parent has empathy today for Bill and Nancy MacIntosh.  It is the worst nightmare that any parent can endure - the death of one's child.  To my way of thinking, there is no greater disturbance in the natural order of things.  

Kyle MacIntosh is survived by his parents, Bill and Nancy, and by his sister, Kendra.  He is also survived by a legacy of courage and a legacy of love.  His good friend, Mitch Rivard, who created this site to raise money to help defray the family's medical expenses said it far better than I ever could, "Not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Kyle beat cancer.  He never gave up and his strength inspired thousands, including myself. His battle will change the way I live my life forever, and I cherish the moments I shared with him. He may be gone but he certainly will never be forgotten."

Safe journey, young man.  


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