Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Bat, All Mitt

A random, unusual musing (in terms of its pseudo-political content) for a rather orderly (01/14/15) day on the calendar...

I pose this question as a man who is a registered Republican (although every time I write that or say that aloud - and especially so after hearing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee open his mouth - I hear the voice of Captain Jack Ross in my ear, "Don't you dare lump me in there with Jessup and Kendrick just because we wear the same uniform!").  Is there anyone who actually wants to see Mitt Romney run for the third time this century to be the nominee of the Republican Party for the office of President of the United States?  Anyone?  Anyone whose last name is not Romney or is somehow financially beholden to someone whose last name is Romney?   

As someone whose undergraduate degree is in Political Science, I understand the appeal of the pursuit from Mr. Romney's perspective.  Generally speaking, people seek public office for the reward of winning the office.  We the people of these United States are a competitive bunch and when the arena in which an individual is competing is politics, there is only one #1 job to which to aspire.  To seek it with as much vigor as he has done in his two previous attempts and to fall short of capturing it has to be a tremendous blow to one's ego and to one's sense of self.  

That being said, the Party of Lincoln is doing itself - and by extension this nation - a tremendous disservice if the primary process plays out on the GOP side with Mr. Romney emerging as the Republican nominee.  Irrespective of what your personal opinions might be regarding what type of President you think Mr. Romney would be, it is difficult for me (one who has zero skin in the game) to envision him actually getting elected.  I do not embrace the notion of going backward as a substitute for going forward.  In Presidential politics, rare is the case of the third time being the charm.  Based upon nothing other than his track record, I have difficulty envisioning Mr. Romney being the exception to that rule.

That being said, if the former Governor of the Commonwealth wants to serve the interests of the American people while doing something for which he has - in the past - displayed more than a mere modicum of deftness, then let us recruit him to lead Boston's bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.  

Candidly, I think the latter is an especially inane idea.  But as a Yankees fan, anything that keeps the Sox on the road for two and one-half weeks in mid-July is not an idea without its appeal. 


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