Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Miles and Hours

There is no Luck except where there is Discipline.
- Irish Proverb 

By day's end today, the first half of the second week of training for the 2015 New Jersey Marathon will be in the books.  One and one-half weeks completed.  Fourteen and one half weeks to go.  Twenty-three training miles in the rear-view mirror.  Approximately three hundred and sixty-five training miles are out there on the road ahead.  Too many hours to count. 

Ground that shall be covered between this day and Marathon Day, which is April 26th.  

If it was easy, then everyone could do it - although I suspect that even if everyone COULD do it, only those of us with some sort of undefinable mental illness would line up at the starting line.  That is fine.  It might in fact make it easier to chase down one's dream when everyone else is not chasing after it as well.  



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