Thursday, January 29, 2015

Men and Their Flying Machines...

First order of business on January's final Thursday is a shout-out to members of the CU community, including Athletic Director Rick George, and members of the Boulder community, including Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera, for helping pay it forward for young, battling Buff Kyle MacIntosh and his family.  

In this space on Sunday, I wrote of Kyle's present battle.   I used Twitter to impose upon a number of folks - none of whom I know (including the aforementioned Messrs. George and Ringo) with a simple - yet invasive - request, which was to retweet what I wrote in this space about Kyle in an effort to spread the word even further.  To a person, they obliged my request, for which I thank them. If you want to help the MacIntosh family, you may do so here, here or (if you want to look incredibly stylish as you do so) here.  

Something extraordinary - and for my money wholly extraneous - happened in the State of Concrete Gardens on Tuesday.  When the blizzard that had been predicted to wreak havoc from one end of the state to the other failed to live up to its hype, meteorologists apologized for having predicted significantly more snow than most of us received.  One never needs to apologize to me for less-than-anticipated snowfall.  If they had predicted a blizzard and the day had instead dawned as eighty-five and sunny then perhaps I would hold them accountable for me flop-sweating while wearing my mukluks and parka.  But on Tuesday, while no one in New Jersey received the several feet of snow that had been feared to be heading our way, there were areas that received anywhere from six to ten inches of snow.  

From 11:00 PM on Monday the 26th through 7:00 or 7:30 AM on Tuesday the 27th, a Statewide travel ban was in effect.  Thanks to it, the hard-working men and women who spent their Monday night plowing, salting and sanding Jersey's highways and byways were able to do so with scant interference by the "civilian" population.  And since it appears as if the overwhelming majority of Garden State motorists complied with the ban, when I motored out of 'NTSG at about 5:00 AM on Tuesday morning to get to the office thirty-plus miles away, Route 287 was delightfully empty.  

I may be in the minority on this point - and if I am you can find me in the Crayola jumbo box in the slot reserved for the color "Could Not Give One Rat's Ass" - but I never take any issue with those of us we elect to govern us erring on the side of caution.  By preparing as they did - and perhaps in your area over-preparing - they did not strip us of our free will.  They simply did what they thought - based upon the best information then and there available to them - was necessary to protect us from ourselves.  Had they pooh-poohed the likely impact of this storm and Mother Nature had kicked us squarely in the nuts, then a significant number of the very same people who spent Tuesday venting their spleens about the over-preparation would have been cast in the role of insufferably whiny bitches, bemoaning the fact that our elected leaders let us down.

Proof  - even if of nothing else - that irrespective of the weather conditions, some airports are always open...

...the Captain has turned off the "Seat Belt" sign.  Please feel free to move about the cabin. 


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