Saturday, January 10, 2015

In the Spirit of Boomerangs and Homing Pigeons

The Poltergeist that took possession of the Site Meter that monitors traffic on this little bit of paradise on Al Gore's Great Creation has apparently undergone a change of heart. 

The "traffic report", a little, weekly something-something I had grown accustomed to receiving via e-mail from Site Meter, which little something-something had ceased showing up about a month ago, suddenly reappeared on Friday morning - and it brought with it actual news regarding traffic on the site.    

Sure, this monitor is still so phucked up that in its little part of the world it is already February 9 but who am I to complain?  In the World According to Site Meter, it is thirty days closer to Spring.  

An application that fast-forwards a resident of the northeastern part of the United States thirty days closer to Spring?  If I could figure out a way to connect it to the real world, then at least one or two Saturdays a month I could afford to sleep through the alarm.  

Sadly, today is not one of them...  


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