Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Got A Cup of Coffee So I Don't Get Lazy

- James McMurtry

While it may be of no moment to you whatsoever, it is in fact of great moment to me that next month shall bring with it the release of James McMurtry's latest record, Complicated Game.  If I was a betting man - and I am (at least in limited increments) - I would wager that other than my brother Bill there is likely not a soul among you who owns all of McMurtry's music and unfortunately for Mr. McMurtry there is also likely not a soul among you - other than my brother Bill - who shall purchase his latest offering.  

It is what it is.  

It is also why Katy Perry plays the Super Bowl and James McMurtry plays dive bars and small clubs. 

Taste, there is truly no accounting for it.  

I want to help.  Really, I do.  And by that I mean I want to help you, not him.  Frankly, based upon everything I have ever read or heard, he seems damn comfortable with his life decisions, including his career arc.  To you, I give this gift and this one as well.    



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