Friday, January 16, 2015

Hau`oli Lā Hānau to the Queen of Bedrock!

And if you ever wonder why you ride the carousel...
- Tom Petty

In the sextet of Kenny siblings I am the tail-gunner.  Closest to me in age is my sister Jill.  Next month shall mark my "Continental United States" birthday.  Today, Jill is halfway to one hundred.  I know not whether it is an occasion that she shall take a moment to celebrate but I hope she does.  

Wilma and I are not only rather close in age but we were thick as thieves as kids.  It was a product of deliberate design that for thirteen of the seventeen years I attended school, from Kindergarten at St. Paul's Prison Camp in Princeton through graduation from the University of Colorado, Boulder, she and I attended the same school.  The only two years I spent without her prior to college were my junior year and senior year at W-H.  Although CU was not my original #1 choice for college, her decision to transfer there following her freshman year at Notre Damned was a significant factor in my embrace of my inner Horace Greeley and my journey west to Colorado's Front Range.  

It was a journey I enjoyed immensely and have never once regretted making...although I think that she might still regret the day that she - as President of Baker Hall - had to admit to CU President E. Gordon Gee that she was in fact the big sister of the loudmouth freshman in Farrand Hall who had engaged him in a rather spirited debate an evening or two earlier.  In my defense, I claim merely to be entertaining.  I never have claimed to be perfect.   On this particular issue, however, I was and time proved that President Goober was as clueless about college basketball as he was about a score of other issues. 

Anyway, as the song goes, "Oh the stories we could tell."  And maybe, just maybe, a day shall arrive when those stories will all be told.  But it shall not be by me.  And it shall not be today.  

Happy Birthday Wilma - enjoy today and kicking the hell out of the next fifty years too. 


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