Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And I Really Used To Like Eating at Dairy Queen

I am into Week Four of my training program for this year's New Jersey Marathon (now less than three months away) and I continue to have what my brother Bill would refer to (and with just cause) as a decidedly "First World" problem.  The weather in these parts has been, well it has been January in Jersey, which has forced me to make each and every one of my four "long runs" to date on the treadmill in the basement.  

'Round these parts we have spent the past thirty-six hours or so dealing with some fairly lousy weather - although not nearly as dastardly as predicted or originally feared.  I went to law school to stay away from hard sciences such as meteorology.  Thus, I do not pretend to know where the line is drawn separating a very bad storm from a blizzard.  All I know is that for all of the technological advancements we have made to date in the 21st Century here in these United States we have yet to devise a way for snow to remove itself from my driveway and sidewalk.  And if we did have such a device, I would ship it north to New England so that the Connecticut branch of the Kenny Family Bramble Bush would have a far better chance than they do presently of seeing asphalt or macadam at some point earlier than Spring.  It appears as if every flake of snow that managed to miss us here in the State of Concrete Gardens descended upon Connecticut.

Given the less-than-spectacular performance of global warming this week (sorry, could not resist poking a little fun at all of my favorite Republican climatologists), I presume that I shall spend a part of my Super Bowl Sunday trudging ten miles on the treadmill.  Given how little interest I have in the game itself, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that those miles might be lodged shortly after 6:30 PM Eastern Time. 

I kid of course.

As if I would miss a single Super Bowl TV spot by running on the treadmill in the basement where I have no TV.

A basement with no TV.  Now there is a First World problem if ever there was one. 


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