Monday, January 5, 2015

A Barrow in the Market Place

Jeffrey Swanson, where are you? 

Actually, I know where my one-time colleague and long-time friend Mr. Swanson is presently.  He is doing excellent work at the firm that he joined when he left WL more than ten years ago.  He is a good man, Mr. Swanson.  I think of him today for it is on this very date - shortly before the end of the 20th Century - that he and I walked through the doors of WL for the first time as young associates.  

January 5, 1998 is a date so long ago that (a) none of my hair was gray; and (b) neither of my children had yet graduated from grammar school.  Now, (a) a considerable portion of the hair on my head and even more of it in my beard is gray; and (b) both of my "children" are long past the age of being referred to as such.  Each is married and - along with their spouse - blazing their own way in the world.   

January 5, 1998 is a date so long ago that (a) "Y2K" was a real-life concern; and (b) "Hanging Chads" were not.  History has taught us that our concerns were misplaced.  

January 5, 1998 - a date so very, very long ago - is the first day on which I called the Firm my professional home.  It is a relationship that has had its high points and its low points - much as is the case with any relationship.  It is a relationship that has, in fact, included one extended separation of four months.  But, it is a relationship of enduring strength such that the separation to which I refer happened almost six years ago.  

Four months at the beginning of 2009 notwithstanding, I have spent every day of my professional life here since January 5, 1998.  Today, I begin my seventeenth year.  I have been here long enough now that I have worked apart from my friend Jeff Swanson longer than I worked with him.  The same is true for my former partner-in-crime Gracie who has, herself, been apart from WL for fast approaching a decade.  

As the song says, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da."

Indeed it does.


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