Monday, December 15, 2014

"We Didn't Scare So Easily"

While I know that not everyone who I know and respect shares this sentiment, I shall miss Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, which wrapped up it far-too-short (for my liking at least) run on HBO last evening.  Only in America can 2 Broke Girls survive to (at least) a fourth season while Sorkin's creation bites turf after just three - and calling this third, six-episode go-round a 'season' is akin to calling the New York Knicks a professional basketball team.  

Was The Newsroom perfect?  Nope.  Far from it in fact.  But - again speaking solely from my perspective - it was never boring.  It afforded me the opportunity to spend a bit more time with one of my favorite actors - Sam Waterston, introduced me to a talented actress who I had recognized solely from her having graced magazine covers - Olivia Munn and to enjoy an actor whose work I have always enjoyed, Jeff Daniels, playing a "benevolent misanthrope" - a paradoxical character who exists far more comfortably in the world of scripted fiction than he does in the real world.   Not to mention that the just-concluded seasonette included multiple appearances by one of Wardlaw-Hartridge's finest thespians, Mary McCormack.   

Above all else, I shall miss it for Aaron Sorkin's ability - and willingness - to do this: 

If you never watched a minute of The Newsroom, do yourself the favor of at least watching the 4:50 of it provided for your convenience above.  And before you dismiss it simply as dialogue coming out of the mouth of a fictional character, Will McAvoy, do this:  Cue the video back to the beginning, click "PLAY" and close your eyes.  Do not simply hear the words but listen to them.  Will McAvoy may not actually exist but it did not keep him from speaking the truth.  

And in art, much as is the case in real life, it was not a truth that everyone wanted to hear.  

Which does not mean that it did not need to be said...

...and still shall need to be even with something else occupying the 9:00 PM time slot on HBO on Sunday nights.  


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