Thursday, December 11, 2014

Returneth to the Well

Two weeks from today is Christmas.  How is your Holiday-Spirit-O-Meter?  Mine has flat-lined.  Experience has taught me that there are certain things that never should be uttered aloud.  So, my reasons shall remain mine and mine alone.  

For insurance reasons, I am not permitted anywhere near defibrillator paddles.  Apparently you can never live down using them to "save the life" of a fellow who was - as it turned out  merely a heavy, heavy napper.  In their stead, I am turning to the next best available option...

...airing two times this week - and then one time next week - on ABC Family, which is Channel 311 on Direct TV.

And since this proved not to be up to the task of lifting me out of my own personal December funk on its own, as the countdown to Christmas continues and the days get fewer and the stakes get higher, today I have ordered up a reinforcement...

...even a grizzled old grouch like me respects a little dude like Linus.  He might carry a security blanket with him wherever he goes, but he still has game.    


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