Friday, December 26, 2014

Mukluks and Other Holiday Miracles

You know that you are getting old when Christmas morning is spent at the home of your daughter and son-in-law.  And you know what else?  You know that you are doing something right - even if it sometimes seems it is being done in spite of you as opposed to because of you - when Christmas morning is spent as I spent mine - with Margaret and Joe, Jess and Rob and Suzanne and Ryan.  

I hope that however and wherever you spent your Christmas, you were able to share at least a bit of the holiday in the company of at least some of the people who you love most of all.  

In all likelihood, by the time you read this the Colorado branch of the family tree will be safely ensconced back in their own time zone.  This visit home for Jess and Rob was not an extended one by any means.  However, what it lacked in length it made up for in breadth and depth.  

And at holiday's end, that is in fact all that really matters. 


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