Monday, December 29, 2014

Lessons to Learn. Steps to Take.

For me, running this month has been very much akin to a knife fight.  It has not come easily at all.  I know not whether it has been the weather or something else altogether.  I know simply that I have spent more time fighting it than enjoying it for the past month or so.  

Amateur shrink that I am, I am of the opinion that running is not the issue.  Rather, too many other things competing for time in the theater of my mind's eye.  Too many goddamn things. 

Over the long Christmas weekend, the Missus and I made time to see "Unbroken".  Margaret has not read the exquisitely-written Laura Hillenbrand biography of Louis Zamperini on which Angelina Jolie's film, which is faithful to the book but did not replicate it, is based, which detracted not one bit from her enjoyment of the movie.  Candidly, my having read the book - and my long-time preference for the written version of any work as opposed to the movie version of it - did not detract from my enjoyment of it either.  

Whether on the printed page or on the movie screen, time spent with Louis Zamperini is time well-spent.  And it made my Sunday morning run the easiest run I had in quite some time.  Running is after all an exercise in putting one foot in front of the other. 

We just need to remember which one goes first...


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