Friday, December 5, 2014

I Am Kim Kardashian...or Am I Marty McFly?

Remember a few weeks ago when the aforementioned Mrs. Kanye West and some magazine - the name of which Yours truly has not bothered to learn - sought to "break the Internet" by posting a picture of her drinking champagne off of her ass or some such thing?  I know not how close they came to achieving success in their efforts to break Al Gore's prized invention.  

I apparently have succeeded where they failed.  

If, while reading this silliness, you are ever compelled to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page you perhaps have noticed a little green/white doohickey.   It is the link to a site called "Site Meter", which monitors traffic on this site.  No, unlike that other moderately overweight, eyeglass-wearing, white-bearded fellow, I know not when you're sleeping nor when you are awake.  I do know, however, generally speaking, when you come by this little corner of the Interweb and what you peruse while you are here.  I found it to be particularly helpful the first time I wrote something less-than-flattering about a fringe group of cowards such as the Wasteboro Bastards Church as it helps me - again to a very limited degree - keep track of any "less than friendly" e-mails I receive in response.  

For reasons wholly unknown to me - and I assure you it is not related to the amount of traffic this site receives for while my head is freakishly large my ego is not - the Site Meter for this site has gone kaplooey.  Slightly less than one month ago it decided to reset itself somehow.  Although we are only five days deep into December, according to my Site Meter, we are presently four days into January, 2015.  In addition to having skipped ahead approximately one month it has abandoned all pretense of actually monitoring traffic.  It simply is rolling up "0" day after day.  

Maybe, just maybe, it is not broken at all.  Maybe it is magical.  What it is showing me now is now what is happening now but what is to come?  Crazy?  Perhaps.  

But just to be safe, I have finally sat down and completed my Christmas list.

And my list contains one item and one item only...


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