Monday, December 22, 2014

At Watch's End...

Police Officer Liu, thirty-two, was a newlywed.  He had married two months ago.  Officer Liu was a seven-year veteran of the NYPD.  Officer Liu, survived by his wife, had no children.  Police Officer Ramos, forty, had been a school safety officer for several years before joining the NYPD three years ago.  Officer Ramos was the father of two sons, the older of whom is in college and the younger of whom just might be the bravest thirteen-year-old little boy you or I shall likely meet in this lifetime...or the next one for that matter.  Kudos to the New York Yankees for honoring a promise George Steinbrenner made for the first time thirty-two years ago.  Officer Ramos shall not live to see his young son, Jaden, graduate from high school and possibly continue his education thereafter at college but the Yankees shall make sure that if an education is what Jaden wants to pursue, they shall pay for his pursuit of it.

Once we as a society allow the Genie out of the bottle and foment hatred at the expense of everything else, we increase the danger for us all.  Included among those for whom we ratchet up the danger level are the men and women whose lives are dedicated to protecting us.

Rest in Peace Officer Liu.  Rest in Peace Officer Ramos.


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