Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Short Day's Journey Into Night

If you happen to run into my brother Kelly today and you catch him in an ear-to-ear grin, then (a) consider yourself lucky for the Kennys are not known for our effusive displays of elation; and (b) wish him a "Happy Winter Solstice".  

Today is the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is the first full day of Winter and it is also the day on the calendar in 2014 that contains the least amount of daylight.  

Here in the State of Concrete Gardens there are certain things we consider to be true unless and until proven otherwise.  Among them is this:  The first day of Winter will not be the coldest, shittiest day of the season.  After all, if it was then what purpose would January and February serve?  

Today is, thankfully, the day that while serving as the gateway to Winter also serves as the springboard to...well, to Spring.  Every day from this one forward for the next six months will carry with it the gift of one or two additional minutes of daylight.  Sure, for the immediate future that light will seem illusory, as it shall not carry with it a single stitch of warmth.  But in a world where time is measured in discernible units such as days and weeks and months, it is useful to carry April's promise of warm, breezy afternoons and ever-lengthening evenings with us to blunt the effect of Winter's miserably cold days and nights.  

How many days until pitchers and catchers report?  'Tis a fair question to ask because - as the song says - Spring will soon be here...


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