Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Where Once We Had Wheels

Remember when the NFL regular season used to last until the end of December?  Perhaps it still does in your part of these United States.  It does not, however, here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  Monday night the boys of Mara Tech reminded their loyal fan base that other than their institutional aversion to the type of soap opera-like histrionics favored by their PSL Stadium mates (the J-E-T-S), the two teams are very much alike.  That is to say, both teams are dreadful, and, before the calendar has reached Veteran's Day, both are wholly irrelevant.  

Football on the collegiate level has not been much better in these parts, lately, than the professional game has been.  My brother Bill's Alma mater, Rutgers University, has been waylaid in each of its past three Big Ten games.  The beat downs endured on the road in Columbus, Ohio and in Lincoln, Nebraska were not entirely unexpected but to return home to the Banks of the Rar-i-tan and make Coach Gary Anderson's 2014 Wisconsin Badgers look like Coach Vince Lombardi's 1966 Green Bay Packers in getting bludgeoned 37-0 on what might have been the worst Homecoming Day in the history of Homecoming Days was a bitter pill for RU's fan base to swallow - "Ain't No Expectations Like Unrealistic Expectations!"  In the three games, Rutgers was outscored 135-41.  

A month ago, RU Coach Kyle Flood - a good football coach and an even better man - was the toast of the town.  Now, his perpetually-unrealistic fan base wants to burn him in effigy.  As bad as things have been for Coach Flood's troops these past three weeks, the simple fact of the matter is that if they win their next game, a home date with Indiana on November 15th, in the era of "Everybody Except the University of Colorado Buffaloes Gets to Play in a Bowl Game" college football, RU will have six wins, become "bowl-eligible" and will get invited to spend Christmas and/or a day or two before or after Christmas in some exotic locale such as Detroit to play in a bowl game attended by thousands of fans dressed as empty seats.  

Ah, Detroit.  What better place to end up after one's wheels fall off?  Perhaps the Giants and Jets can get an invitation to play there too at season's end.  If they do, then they should ask to play one another.  That way, there is at least a reasonable likelihood that one of them will walk off of the field a winner.  

Even if just for one day.  


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