Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Worst Sign of the Zodiac

I am tired of cancer.  I am especially tired of cancer screwing with the lives of good people.  

Cancer has invaded the home of my oldest sister Evan and her husband Glenn.  

All of us who know and love them know that cancer has phucked with the wrong family.  Evan is a Kenny.  If a Kenny knew how to run from a fight, then maybe just maybe the six Kenny siblings would be able to all spend quality time in one location without running the risk of injuring one another.  All one needs to know about my brother-in-law is that he is Evan's soul mate.  The next backwards step either takes shall be their first one. 

One strong couple.  One tough fight.  Evan has Glenn's back...

...and all of the rest of us have Evan's.


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