Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Pilgrimage Towards Christmasville

Thanksgiving.  The original American holiday.  Truth be told, we invented the sucker and did so so long ago in fact that back in the day the only people sitting around the table who were Americans were Native Americans.  The pasty-faced white folks?  Pilgrims.  America, the nation, was a century and a half away from being born.   

Given how few things are American-made these days, one might think that we the people of these United States might guard our homemade holiday with a certain fervor.  One would be wrong.  Thanksgiving has been reduced to a mere mile marker.  It has been converted from a Day of Thanks into the jumping-off point for full-scale Christmas-related, consumerism insanity.  

Among the never-ending list of things that piss me off, this occupies a rung fairly high up on the ladder.  Not because I have any great affection for turkey or cranberry sauce.  I do not.  Rather because the collective evisceration of Thanksgiving in the name of crass consumerism, to me, speaks volumes about the lack of depth that permeates 21st century America.  It is why a person you stop on the street is more likely to know the name of the second-oldest Kardashian than he or she is to know the name of the second man to ever walk on the Moon.  It is why that same person is more apt to be able to name more members of the cast of Duck Dynasty than members of the President's Cabinet - and to prove to you that it is not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing feel free to choose whichever President you want.  The result will likely be the same irrespective of political affiliation. 

I write in this space every day.  A lot of days what appears here is, in fact, pretty dreadful.  Occasionally it rises to the level of mediocrity.   It is my own shortcomings that has me on the lookout always for written words that I find express something that I have tried to say and/or am trying to say and have done so in a way that far exceeds my limited skills.   It is for this reason that ESPN's Trey Wingo caught my attention with this Tweet on Sunday: 

Well said, Mr. Wingo.  Well said.  Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to continue on to Christmasville without me.  Do not worry about me.  I shall catch up with you...  



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