Monday, November 17, 2014

The Great Mark Twain Ran Over The Lazy Fox Assh*les

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool
Than to open it and remove all doubt. 
- Mark Twain 

Bruce Springsteen participated - along with a number of other musical acts, actors, journalists and public figures in the Concert for Valor on Veteran's Day, which took place on the Mall in Washington, D.C.  Springsteen performed a three-song, solo acoustic set ("Promised Land", "Born in the U.S.A." and "Dancing in the Dark") in the back half of the evening's program.  It was, however, his guest shot - along with Dave Grohl - during the Zac Brown Band's set that had the tongues of ignorants (and ignorance) wagging on Wednesday. 

Tuesday night, Springsteen, Grohl and the ZBB performed "Fortunate Son", a classic piece of rock and roll originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival and written by CCR's leader John Fogerty.  Wednesday morning, in a number of places, but most pointedly at the home of "Fair and Balanced" coverage, Springsteen and company were attacked not for the quality of the performance (personally, I thought Bruce's voice sounded raspy as hell but that he nailed his guitar solo) but for having performed an "anti-soldier" song.  Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News reported that Springsteen had, "Taken shots at the red, white and blue" while her co-host Steve Doocy contributed this gem, "Is it really appropriate to be performing it in front of so many vets who volunteered to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan."  "Fortunate Son" is, in the gospel according to Doocy, "a song that was intended to be an anti-war anthem."    

If only - in the era of the "Inter Webs" - there was a way for a responsible journalist to check with the source (and by that I mean the Mutha Fukka who wrote the goddamned song) about his motivation in writing it and what his song meant to him.  If only John Fogerty was still alive to ask directly.  What's that you say, there is a way to check?  What's that you say, he is still alive?  Apparently the Murdoch News Network spent all of its available money on illegally tapping cell phones of celebrities and public figures and had Zero Dollars left over to run a "GOOGLE" search.

Here is what John Fogerty had to say

"Fortunate Son is a song I wrote during the Vietnam War over 45 years ago. As an American and a songwriter, I am proud that the song still has resonance. I do believe that its meaning gets misinterpreted and even usurped by various factions wishing to make their own case. What a great country we have that a song like this can be performed in a setting like Concert for Valor. 

Years ago, an ultraconservative administration tried to paint anyone who questioned its policies as 'un-American'. That same administration shamefully ignored and mistreated the soldiers returning from Vietnam. As a man who was drafted and served his country during those times, I have ultimate respect for the men and women who protect us today and demand that they receive the respect that they deserve."

Fogerty was drafted in 1996, served Stateside in an Army Reserve unit and then was discharged in 1967.  Approximately one week before the Concert for Valor, Fogerty himself performed "Fortunate Son" on the White House lawn for a PBS Special saluting our military.  

My personal favorite Fox News contributor to this little tempest is Anna Kooiman, who if not for her age, might have served as the inspiration for a central character from a 1982 Don Henley song.  Ms. Kooiman said this on-air, "You're doing this for an audience of veterans, and it's almost a slap in the face.  These producers should have known their audience and known what they were getting with people like Bruce Springsteen."    

In fact, Anna, the producers of the Concert for Valor did know what they were getting when they invited Springsteen to perform.  

They were getting a performer who - for each of the eight years that Bob Woodruff has put together his "Stand Up for Heroes" benefit in New York City - has contributed his time and his talent to Woodruff's cause and to the Bob Woodruff Foundation.  If you paid attention last Tuesday night, might have heard Bob Woodruff say that during his introduction of Springsteen.  



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