Sunday, November 30, 2014

Of Life and Legacies

At the very least, the absolute minimum,
you'll have a woman you love to grow old with.
- Neal Page

Today puts the bow on a nice, delightfully quiet Thanksgiving weekend.  Truth be told, neither the Missus nor I had a four-day weekend.  Margaret's company was open for business on Friday and while the Firm was closed, one of the many joys associated with the practice of law is always having more things to do than hours in the work day in which to do them.  So, I took advantage of a "dead day" on the calendar to work on several projects that I had not had time to work on prior to Friday.  

Margaret has a lot of fun at her own expense regarding the infrequency with which she cooks.  Conspicuous by its absence from the narrative - always - is her discussion of the fact that she works full-time and spends a considerable amount of her "free" time taking care of either her father or her husband, each of whom is, far more often than we would care to admit, a boy dressed in a man's clothes.  My wife is the dictionary definition of a person who has approximately half as many hours in each day to do the things she feels she needs to get completed.  

Thanksgiving in our home was quiet this year.  While I thought we might at some point in the afternoon or evening see the transplanted Texas Tornado and Ryan, we did not.  Dinner ended up being just Margaret, Joe and me.  And it was simply terrific.  Other than some very limited cutting or carrying of one thing or another by either Joe or me, Margaret put together the entire feast.  It was pitch perfect from start to finish.  

It was in fact the fitting ending to what was - for me - a very happy Thanksgiving.  I started my day by taking part (for the 3rd time) in the 4th Annual Patanella's Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk in Green Brook.  I remember four Thanksgivings ago - in 2011 - when there was a spirited but rather small turnout for the inaugural edition.  This Thursday, there were close to eight hundred participants altogether, including a reported 600+ runners in the 5K.  We ran under gunmetal gray skies at 8:00 am and warmth was not - I assure you - the word of the day.  It mattered not at all.  This is an exceptionally well-organized, community event that - for as long as the Missus and me call 'NTSG home - I shall look forward to taking part in annually.  Thus far, the only time I have missed it was in 2012 when we spent Thanksgiving as Jess and Rob's guests in Colorado.  

I also carved out a bit of time Thursday morning to watch what is one of my favorite, under-appreciated Thanksgiving/holiday movies.   Steve Martin is - for my money - a national treasure and seeing the late John Candy in this film - given something to do above and beyond that which he was normally called upon to do on-screen - always reminds me of what a great talent he was.  It saddens me that Hollywood never quite figured out how to make proper use out of him..., the ending gets me every time.  Every damn time.  


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