Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Justice Will Be Done"

Scotty McMillian

An Open Letter to a Murdering Douchebag

Dear Gary Fellenbaum: 

I have little doubt that the world has inhabitants who make you - and your unspeakable cruelty - seem almost benign.  That fact neither excuses you, even a little bit, for what you have done nor makes the rage I have in my soul for you, for the worthless excuse of a mother, Jillian Tait, who aided you in your torture of her THREE-YEAR-OLD son, and for the almost-as-culpable asshole to whom you used to be married and with whom you and Jillian shared your home, Amber Fellenbaum, who did nothing to either prevent you from your torture of Jillian's THREE-YEAR-OLD son or to alert the authorities as to what was going on within the four walls of your trailer until it was too late. 

Scotty McMillian is dead.  A beautiful, three-year-old boy is dead.  He is dead because of your fists, and your whips and your smashes of his head against and into the walls of the trailer where he had the misfortune of living with you and with the piece of shit who brought him into this world - his mother Jillian.  A trailer with the tragically ironic address of 96 Hope Lane.   

You are allegedly such a cowardly, low-life mother fucker that you tied a THREE-YEAR-OLD little boy to a chair in order to beat him.  You tied his feet together and hung him upside down from his feet in order to beat him.  You beat him until you killed him.  Then you waited until you and his mother had eaten dinner, screwed like the barnyard animals you are and had a nap before anyone called "9-1-1" to report an "unresponsive child".  

I do not know Chester County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Tom Hogan and I cannot fathom the circumstances under which I will ever make his acquaintance, but I like him already.  I hope like hell that if the evidence supports it - and at first blush it certainly appears to - that irrespective of whether you plead guilty to your crime or force the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt that when your guilt has been proven and sentence has been pronounced - that your life is taken from you.  Irrespective of how the Commonwealth puts you to death - when that moment arrives for you - your passage from this world shall be far more pain-free than that which you inflicted upon Scotty McMillian, who was a THREE-YEAR-OLD.  

You are in fact, Gary, my favorite type of mouth-breeding, ass-dragging pussy:  The type who gets his rocks off on an unfair fight.  It takes not only one who is cruel - but one who is such a coward that the dimensions of your cowardice are incapable of being measured - to restrain a THREE-YEAR-OLD boy before using the full force and weight of the coward's 275 pound body to beat him to death.  

How about you agree to step it up in class just a level or two?  At twice your age and a bit more than half your size, I welcome the chance to make your acquaintance.  A nice, cozy 10 x 10 room someplace.  You bring whatever implement of torture you deemed necessary to murder a precious THREE-YEAR-OLD little boy.  Me?  I shall dust the cobwebs off of my 32 inch, 30 ounce Louisville Slugger that once upon a lifetime ago I used to carry with me in my car in the event that the need for "Asshole Interdiction" arose.   You might win the day but I promise you, I will be far better equipped to give you a beating than the defenseless THREE-YEAR-OLD you murdered.  

Enjoy prison, Asshole.  Perhaps at some point between today and your day of reckoning, someone will acquaint you with Rule #1 on the Cell Block - pretty much irrespective of institution - which is child killers are treated on the inside with the same affection they treated the child on the outside.  May you awaken every day that you spend inside hoping that it is the day the Commonwealth comes to take your life.  And may you go to bed every night sorry that this day was not your last and terrified over the prospect of tomorrow.  

Then, and only then, will you have any inkling at all of what it was like to be Scotty McMillian.   

Fuck You...and the Whore Named Jillian Tait You Rode In On, 


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