Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just Us HobGobblers

For the past three decades, on the Saturday immediately preceding Thanksgiving, the Town of Manasquan has played host to its annual Five-Mile Turkey Trot.  Sadly, the Turkey Trot, much like all good things, has come to an end.  

Do not let the bedazzled chapeau fool you.
The Trot did not last forever. 

Thankfully, while the Trot may be dead, long live the Manasquan Turkey Run!  Sure the name is a bit off-putting but perhaps by this time next year its participants shall have grown accustomed to it or the race itself will have taken on a more appropriate sobriquet.  What is important is that with the demise of the Trot, a new event has sprung to life and, in taking the Trot's place on the calendar, has volunteered to run a mile or five in its history-laden shoes.  

Last time I checked, which admittedly was more than twenty-four hours ago, the weather in which to Trot/Run this morning in 'Squan seemed fairly pleasant for the second to last Saturday in November. The Trot had been one of my favorite rites of Autumn.  I shall do something that is admittedly more than slightly out of character for me and go on record as saying that I have a very good feeling about this new event.  

Irrespective of its name, its purpose remains the same:  A bit of exercise and a day spent in the company of some excellent friends.  Whenever that is on the menu, I shall order it every time.  


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