Monday, November 3, 2014

Friction and Resistance

I woke up yesterday morning - listening to the wind howling outside our bedroom window and looking at a thermometer that warned me that it was only in the upper thirties - prepared to forego running outdoors for a less-than-exciting Sunday run on our basement treadmill.  Fortunately, as I was on my way downstairs to consummate my plan, two things happened that intervened to save me from myself.  

First, I remembered that my testicles have in fact completely descended and acting as if they have would be a good thing.  Second, I remembered that I have invested in running gear - including hats, gloves and running pants - just to deal with weather conditions such as those that existed yesterday morning.  

A little bit more than one hour and ten minutes after I started my trek through my little piece of the great outdoors, I finished my eight-mile run.  They were eight of the coldest, wind-swept and most satisfying miles I have run in quite some time.  

It likely says far more about my limitations as a human being than I would like to readily admit but the decision I made yesterday morning to do the "hard" thing as opposed to the easy one is one of the better, more adult decisions I have made in quite some time.  Nice to remind oneself of the good feeling that comes with not pursuing the path of least resistance.

And remembering that if one is not careful, the path of least resistance can become a slippery slope. 


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