Friday, October 31, 2014

What Would Larry David Do?

The Missus and I were out of state last weekend, which means that I had no knowledge of the highlight of Sunday afternoon's New York Jets/Buffalo Bills game at Met Life Stadium until long after it had occurred.  I am speaking of course of the epic fight in the stands between one angry Jets fan and one less-than-hardy Bills fan, which was truly great entertainment.  Well, it was much better than the action on the field to be sure - at least if you are a fan of the boys from Q-Tip Tech.    

Tell the truth - speaking to the one or two of you who clicked on the link above to check out the video - you were not disappointed at all to find there what it is you found, right?  Consider that my Halloween gift to you.  A trick that led directly to a very satisfying treat.  You are welcome. 

I cannot fake caring at all that it is Halloween.  I also cannot fake being unhappy about the fact that the predicted shitty weather in the forecast for our little slice of heaven here in the State of Concrete Gardens should likely keep foot traffic to a minimum.  Rosie hates many things, a trait the origin of which is not as unknown to me as I might hope it to be, but principal among them is the ringing of the doorbell.  

Actually, it might be mere pie-eyed optimism on my part to think that rain and freezing cold will hold down the number of trick-or-treaters out and about 'NTSG tonight.  Two years ago, in the immediate aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, which left our neighborhood without power until Election Day, there were any number of idiots in our town who took umbrage at the fact that the Police Department would not permit children to go door-to-door begging for candy two days later. Many members of the aforementioned idiotocracy then marched their children through town approximately two weeks later after prevailing upon the Mayor and the Borough Council that Halloween must go on ("For the Children Damn It!") in search of Kit-Kats and Snickers Bars.  

I know not how they made out in the rest of our hamlet but when they reached my door they learned that I have less fondness for November Halloween than I do for November World Series baseball. Perhaps had the Yankees won the 2001 World Series my position on the latter would be different and, consequently, my position on the former would be positively impacted as well.  They did not.  It shall not...

...meanwhile, I am not unhappy that apparently scant few of my neighbors ever watched Curb Your least the First Season.


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