Thursday, October 9, 2014

The King and Us

I do not believe in God.  Well, that is not entirely accurate.  I do not believe that somewhere up there in the skies above us lives a deity who interjects himself into the day-to-day stylings of those of us down here on the Big Blue Marble.  Simply put, the Lord and I have an understanding.  I spend no time in his house and ask merely that he returns the favor.  

However, my decision not to embrace any type of organized religion should not be equated to a lack of faith.  Faith I have.  I must.  For it is faith and not rational thinking that makes one a fan of the New York Rangers Hockey Club.  A fan I am.  Therefore, faith I must have.  

Tonight the Broadway Blueshirts shall open the 2014-15 season against the St. Louis Blues.  If one uses history as one's guide, then one should likely bet against the Rangers hoisting the Stanley Cup as season's end.  That has happened just two times in the past three quarters of a century - in 1940 and in 1994. 

Last year's Rangers team made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they were vanquished by the Los Angeles Kings in five games.  I do not have a middle name but if I did, I am reasonably confident that it would not be "Optimist".  Thus, my head tells me that it is very, very unlikely that this year's team will come anywhere close to replicating the success of last year's group.  

To hell with my head!  And to hell with the Republic too (Just a little joke for any Fibbies who happen to be perusing this little piece of cyberspace today)!  My heart tells me what it always tells me in early October:  This Year could be our year.  Why not the Rangers? 

We are, after all, riding with the King...

...and we shall ride however far he is able to carry us.


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