Saturday, October 25, 2014

Soupy, Mookie and the Miracles

Today is shaping up to be one exciting and exhausting day.  Early this A.M. the Missus and I shall board a big old jet airliner and journey West to spend an extended weekend with the Colorado branch of the family business.  We shall spend most of the time that we are in Colorado in Fort Collins, the beautiful city that Rob and Jess (and Tillie) call home. 

On this day, however, we shall spend our time in Boulder, the beautiful city that I called home for the four years that I matriculated my way towards my B.A. in Political Science.  The weather folks are calling for temperatures in the high 70's 'neath skies drenched in Colorado sunshine.  

We shall all be in Folsom Field this afternoon for CU's game against UCLA.  As if often the case with this generation of Buffs, today the team is a two-touchdown underdog.  As an Alumni and a fan, I shall root like hell for my beloved Alma mater.  As an atheist, I know better than to expect a miracle.

Then again, I have been in the very same building where shall be this afternoon and witnessed a miracle with my own two eyes and I have done so on this very date - October 25.  It was twenty-eight years ago today that Coach Mac I's Buffs upset the #3 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers 20-10 and, in doing so, defeated Nebraska in Boulder for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

If you are a numerologist of the baseball persuasion, then you might well believe in the mysticism of this date too.  At least if you are a fan of a certain ball club that in 1986 proved themselves not merely the Kings of Queens but the World Champions, which would not have happened but for what occurred on this very date twenty-eight years ago.

May lightning strike twice in the same place?  I have no idea.  But I know I shall have one hell of a good seat just in case it does.

Shoulder to Shoulder, It's Game Day in Boulder! 


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