Sunday, October 26, 2014

Roads and Travellers

I appreciate my wife every day.  I appreciate her especially so on the infrequent occasions that we travel anywhere on vacation.  I run.  I try to be disciplined enough to run at least five times a week - whether we are home or someplace other than home.  Thus, included among my gear for our brief, four-day sojourn to the Colorado branch office of the family business, was a pair of running shoes and gear in which to run today and tomorrow.  

There are - I suppose - any number of ways in which one can take in one's surroundings.  If there is any better way to do it than on foot, I must admit that I am unaware of what that might be.  As much fun as it is to run past familiar places and recognizable faces, it is far more interesting to wind your way through an area with which you are not familiar.  

Especially when that area is one as visually beautiful as Fort Collins and its surrounding environs.  

Enjoy your Sunday.  I shall most assuredly enjoy mine. 


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