Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Neath the Cover of October Skies

Today's silliness falls under the heading - I suppose - of being a "pseudo-PSA".  On Saturday, October 18, the high school Alma mater of Kara, Jill and Yours truly AND the one-time employer of Joanie K. AND (truth be told) the place that WPK, Sr. loved more than anything else, which rewarded that love by working him to death (but I digress) shall celebrate its annual Fall Fair and Homecoming

I attended W-H for eight years - from 5th grade through high school - and Homecoming Saturday was always my favorite day on the school calendar.  Time has done little to temper my enthusiasm for it. 

Saturday afternoon, at or about four o'clock, one of the day's newer traditions shall take place.  For the past several years, it has been on Homecoming Saturday that Alumni Awards have been bestowed on truly outstanding recipients.  Full disclosure dictates that I confess that Jill is included in that number, having been deservedly enshrined in the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009.   

I have been a Member of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee for the past two years - although I suspect that it feels much longer than that for the other members of the Committee.  I tend to have that effect.  I am very pleased that once again this year there is a diverse group of talent being enshrined into the AHOF.  

Among the Class of 2014 is the 1984 Girls' Softball State Champions, which went undefeated on the way to capturing the school's first-ever championship in that sport. Wardlaw/Wardlaw-Hartridge is a school that has a very long and proud tradition of fielding successful boys' basketball teams.  On Saturday, two of the most heralded players the school has ever produced shall be enshrined together.  Arthur Blake, Class of '74, and Rob Rizzo, Class of '89, shall both become members of the AHOF Class of 2014.  Each of them tallied more than 1,000 points during playing careers that pre-dated the three-point line.  I do not mean to brag but I managed to tally three points during my high school basketball career also without the benefit of the three-point line.   But enough about me.

Also being enshrined into the AHOF on Saturday shall be Tom Glasser.  He was a member of the Class of '78, which was the first graduating class of the newly-merged Wardlaw-Hartridge School. He was an exceptional track and field / cross-country athlete.

Tom Glasser - 2nd from left in top row
(Photo courtesy of John Ansbro)

As a grown-up, he was a partner at Sandler O'Neill, which offices were housed in the World Trade Center.  On September 11, 2001, while earning his daily bread, Tom Glasser was among the innocents murdered by the cowards who flew jet airplanes into the World Trade Center.  He is, to the best of my knowledge, the only W-H graduate who died that day.   

I am hopeful that a large contingent of his former classmates and his friends are on campus on Saturday to help honor his family, his life and his memory.

If you have a connection to Wardlaw, Hartridge or Wardlaw-Hartridge and are going to be in the vicinity of Inman Avenue in North Edison this Saturday afternoon, then do yourself the service of stopping by to take in at least some of the day's festivities.   


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