Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meeting Virginia

This morning, at approximately ten-thirty, I shall be here:

Holgate - Starting Area for LBI 18 Mile Run

My most sincere hope is that at some point between one-fifteen and one-thirty this afternoon I shall be here:

Barnegat Lighthouse

Between Point A and Point B lies eighteen miles of road, which road connects the southern tip of Long Beach Island, New Jersey to its northern tip.   On the map, admittedly, it does not appear as if it should take very long to get from one end of the island to the other:  

Map of Long Beach Island

I assure you (for me at least) it does. 

I have only participated in this event, which has been held annually for forty-two years, one other time.  My result was less than spectacular, completing the run in a hairball more than three hours and ten minutes.  My hoped-for finishing time today is at or about two hours and fifty minutes, which I will be able to attain as long as I can string together nine minute and thirty second miles.  Irrespective of how I do, this is a wonderfully challenging event that honors two worthy causes.   


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