Friday, October 17, 2014

"Leading Off & Playing Third Base - Marty McFly"

Don't bet your future 
on one roll of the dice
Better remember
Lightning never strikes twice.
- Huey Lewis & the News

I am saddened for my great friend Gracie and for all of her fellow Orioles fans that their celebration of "Bucktober" stopped one series short of the World Series.  Her sadness - and theirs - notwithstanding, anyone who is a fan of Major League Baseball has borne witness thus far this month to a truly extraordinary development:  the resurrection of the Kansas City Royals. 

As they prepare to host Game One of the World Series on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, the Royals shall be riding an eleven-game postseason winning streak that spans twenty-nine years.  At no point in time between the last out in Game Seven of the 1985 World Series and the 2014 American League Wild-Card Game did a single MLB postseason game take place in which the Royals participated.  Not one.  When one considers that from 1986 through 2013, three hundred fifteen postseason games were played between American League teams, one develops a much better understanding of just how long it has been between sips of water for the Royals.  

Will the Royals lose a single game this October?  Will their improbable playoff run culminate in the 2014 edition joining the 1985 edition as the only two World Series-winning teams in franchise history?  I reckon that someone may know the answer to those questions.  I know for certain that the "someone" is not me.  

Doc Brown? 



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