Friday, October 10, 2014

Know Better Than To Ask

Life is a journey. 

It is not a destination. 

It is important, therefore, while living in the present to keep one's eyes open and one's head up, fixed on the road ahead and the direction that one is traveling along that road.  There is no dress rehearsal.  One ride per customer.  Nobody rides for free.  Nobody rides for a second time.  

Moon over the Atlantic 

It is equally important, however, while living in the present that one never forgets from whence one came.  We are who we are in significant part because of who we have been.  The moments in our history that came before this one had a hand in shaping this one.  Just as this moment and all of the moments that preceded it shall have a hand in shaping all of those to come.  As the great Oscar Wilde once observed, "No man is rich enough to buy back his past."   Remembering it and giving due deference to it shall have to suffice.

Farrand Field at Sunset - October 2014
(Photo Credit:  L. Cuevas)


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