Monday, October 6, 2014

It Don't Come Easy

While I run - on average - five times a week, it is only on Saturday and Sunday that I take my show on the road.  During the week, I take full advantage of the fact that our treadmill is conveniently located in the basement.  I try to turn anywhere from fifteen to twenty of what I refer to euphemistically as "homework" miles on the treadmill during the week.  Then, I try to turn at least as many outdoor miles on Saturday and Sunday. 

Yesterday was the most autumnal-feeling Sunday we have had yet here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  I was up and out by shortly after 7:00 am.  The air was crisp and just a little damp.  The sun was principally a source of light as opposed to heat but while it was chilly, it was far from being uncomfortably cold.  It was - in a word - gorgeous. 

It was, in fact, the type of Sunday that I really, really hope awaits me this coming weekend.  On Sunday the 12th I am participating for only the second time ever in the annual LBI 18-Mile Run.  We start at the southern tip of LBI, which is Holgate, and run north to the Barnegat Lighthouse.  The first (and to date only) time I undertook the challenge of this trek was 2011 (I think it was the latter) and the Run took place on a historically hot October day.  I do not mean "warm".  I mean "hot" as in north of 80+ degrees.  It was, to be kind, not the most fun I have ever had on a Sunday.  Or in 3:10.31 on any day of the week for that matter.  

But it was one hell of an excellent, tradition-rich event, and it is one hell of a physical undertaking.  I believe that I am well-prepared for it.  I have, however, been running long enough to know that I will know much better this time next Monday than I do today just how well-founded a belief that is.  

FYI, if you stop by this space one week from today and there is nothing written here, then you shall also know just how well-founded (or not) my belief turned out to be.  

Barnegat Light House


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