Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From Strength Comes Strength

There is no shortage of incredible things to see each September at the New York City Tunnel to Towers Run.  The 2014 edition was no exception.  We were able to see the family and friends of people who were killed on September 11, 2001 running to honor the memory and the life of their loved ones, the numerous firefighters, male and female, from all over the country and around the world who don full gear and run in honor of the 343 men that the FDNY lost on that terrible Tuesday morning, the members of the FDNY - in full dress uniform - standing just beyond the mouth of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on the Manhattan side, wearing a silk-screened image of a fallen brother and clapping while thanking you and the Cadet Corps from the United States Military Academy at West Point which runs as one unit.  Each and every one of those sights this year was, as it always is, inspiring.  

Perhaps most inspiring of all, however, are the catastrophically-injured members of the United States Military who - in spite of their injuries - participate in this event every year.  The Siller Foundation has made its principal mission building "smart" homes for these severely wounded warriors, men and women for whom in a moment everything changed.  "Normal" has ceased to exist for them and day-to-day activities that you or I might perform by rote have become all-consuming tasks for them to try and complete.  

And in spite of all of that and in spite of all of the patently unfair, horrible shit that Life has dumped at their doorstep, they persevere.  Their strength is inspirational.  Moreover, it has the power to be contagious.  

"May your strength give us strength."  It may indeed...  

...All we have to do is let it.  


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