Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For A Time When The Scene'll Seem Less Sunny

'Cause it's one thing to start it with a positive jam,
And it's another thing to see it all through...
- The Hold Steady

Took my first look at the long-range forecast for LBI in connection with this Sunday's LBI 18-Mile Run.  Temperature looks favorable.  40% chance of rain and 10 mile per hour winds blowing out of the north/northeast along a course that heads due north from Holgate look a bit less so.  However, as long as it is not pouring rain, a high temperature in the low-to-mid sixties under gun-metal gray skies will provide favorable conditions in which to run.  I would be happier if the entire course was downhill ("Tuck an Roll!  Tuck and Roll!") but masochists cannot be choosers I suppose. 

The Missus and I spent yet another Saturday at the Shore this past weekend.  There is nothing quite like spending several hours walking in and out of one dreadful-looking house after another to make one question the veracity of Mom's mantra, "Everything happens for a reason", or at the very least its applicability to this situation.  A lesson learned in long, lonely miles on the road applies with full force and effect to this set of circumstances:  It is more important to control one's mind than to control one's body.  As the late, great General George S. Patton pointed out, "If you are ever going to win any battle you have to do one thing.  You have to make the mind run the body."     

Stay positive.  Not always easy to do.  Yet, always absolutely critical to achievement of any task at hand.   


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